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Hi Everyone,

Just joined this tribe and look forward to reading about your dogs. I just lost my 8 year old Springer Spaniel, Gus, am about to lose my siberian Husky and this has brought back the pain of losing Teddy, my oorang airdale. He was such a love. I rescued him an hour before he was to be put down. I had him for many many years. He used to love riding in the car with me and would use my pants to wipe his face after eating and drinking. My two favorite breeds now are springers and oorangs. Are there any other airedale owners/lovers in the tribe? I'm hoping to get another oorang in the near future. Too soon for a springer but I'll get another of those too in time.

Cheers, Drake
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  • Is oorang the kennel that your Airedales came from? I don't believe I've heard of an oorang Airedale before.

    We have two Airedales and love them. Our oldest is almost twelve and she's hangin in there...just a bit of cataracts and a little slow in the morning, but she has her moments where she's just like a puppy again. The other (her daughter) is eight and we had her spayed at 4 months. She seems to be aging much slower than her mother and looks/acts no older than a 4-5 year old dog.

    Great breed of dog!
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      Hi Rick,

      no , Oorang is a breed of airedale. They are the largest airedale. They have a somewhat bad rep but a lot of that comes from improper breeding. Teddy was absolutely the most loving, smart dog. I miss him terribly and will eventually get another. I found a breeder who is in Washington state. This site goes into some of the information about Oorangs. More information can be obtaned on a search. Enjoy
      • I think that when our girls are gone we'll downsize to a welshie and a norfolk.

        Love the Airedales...just not the time it takes to groom and clean up poop!
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          I'm fond of most terriers and can apprciate downsizing. But, who knows, the lure of an airedale may be too hard to resist. <G> I hope you have many many more years with the two you have now though.

          Cheers, Drake
          • Zoe is my mascot (pic at left) - she's 3 1/2 years old and reminds me of Cosmo Kramer every time she comes in the room - especially if the cat is there. Very puppyish and very stubborn - keeps pushing the same limits every day just to see if we'll give in a little. She's airdale #2 for me. I hope I'll have the energy for a third some day.
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              You will. LOL

              Airedales are known for pushing the same buttons and limits ver and over and over again. They are so incredibly smart. Zoe is adorable. I hope you have her a very long time. If you just remember that she's going to push the same limits, you'll be alright. She'll keep you young. Teddy made me laugh all the time , he was such a card.
      • My husband and I are also Oorang lovers! Our first airedale was a cross but she was a love. We had to put her down this summer after a long and painful illness. We met Brenda and Kenny Smith ( not too long after. They are wonderful people. We bought a pup from them and have become friends with them. I really enjoy going up to the ranch and visiting with them. Besides being "good people" they are a wealth of knowledge on the breed. My heart is so light when I am able to go out 'play' with their dogs : ) They have a great stud that has captured my heart (Sky). Needless to say we will never have anything but an airedale from now on. I get really angry when I read posts about Oorang's being abominations of the breed. Those people must not have taken the time to appreciate what a little size and muscle can do for an airedale. I'm glad I did a search today. I would love to tell the whole world how wonderful Brenda and Kenny are, and it is great to get the opportunity. Hope to talk to you soon
  • I just recently got an Airedale that’s 75% black and tan and 25% orrang which still is a purebred Airedale for people who do not know . There are two Two different Airedales black and tan and orrang. She is only 10 weeks old. She was house broke in two day’s I’m not joking. In a week I had her sitting, speaking, giving paw and lay down. She knew her name after a couple of day and come when she wants. I have had a German Shepherd, Schnauzer, and bulldog. Which were all great dogs, but I never had a dog learn so fast. I have never had an Airedale before. I was wondering if some people could tell me some Airedale behaviors in their dogs. The only problem is she listens some of the time and I know she is smart. So I was wondering if listening was a problem with the breed. When I say listening I mean when she sees another dog or person she runs up to them without listening to me. All the other times she’s great. She is now 12 weeks.
  • ha..My male puppy is 4 and a half months old. He is around 45 pounds he is growing tall quick. He is the smartest, and has the best personality out of any dog I have owned. I was just wondering if he is large in size for his age? When I went to buy him from the breeder all the dogs were gorgeous and around the size and airedale should be 50-60 pounds. It just seems he is growing way to fast for me to believe.
    • There are two different Airedales Black and Tan and Orrang. Orrangs are a much larger breed of Airedale then a Black and Tan Airedale. So do you know if your dog is an Orrang or Black and Tan?
      • Black and Tan thats why I said his mom and dad and all of them are 50-60 pounds. I think the dad might have been 70 or so though. He is 100% muscle also. My girlfriend can barely hold him when we walk him.
        • I have done many hours of research on Airedales and if his dads 70 pounds and not fat he’s an Orrang.
          • The reason that the smart puppy seems to be selectively obedient is found in the Airdale genetic code, I think. They're stubborn but lovable.
            • Greggy,
              I looked at your picture of Zoe and she’s a great looking Airedale. Zoe appearance is what I was looking for in an Airedale. I was wondering if you had her as a puppy. If you had her as a puppy, did her color change in her face from black to tan.
              • Yes, got her 4 years ago from Rockin' K breeders in Battle Ground, WA. Both of the Airedales that I've had started with almost all black - just a little tan - like the picture on your account. The tan comes in gradually as they age and when they are old there is very little black left. I've heard - but don't know for sure - that the tan will not come in as fast if you strip their coat with a stripping knife instead of using clippers to trim them. A Welsh Terrier owner told me this...
                • I appreciate your response. I didn’t even know about a stripping knife. I couldn’t agree with you more when you’re talking about Zoe being like Cosmo Kramer. Lissy acts just like him. That’s the best way to describe her and I tell people that all the time after reading your post. Do you fine Zoe to being highly intelligent but silly.
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                    Airedales, like most terriers have a harsh, wiry coat which will change colors and often textures over the years, depending on how they are groomed. If they are hand-stripped, if the dead hair is plucked from the skin instead of being clipped off, the hair will retain it's rich color and texture. If, however, the coat is clipped regularly, the coat will fade and the texture will soften.

                    Intelligent and Silly...that's the airedale. Training classes are always advisable, cause sometimes these dogs are smarter than their owners. ;)

                    • Smart enough to figure out just how much they need to obey you to keep from getting in trouble but how soon they can ignore your last command. Always silly... Every day is playtime.
                      • I just posted a pic of my youngest Airedale, Rizzo.

                        And I would completely agree on the 'every day is playtime' comment. They are one funny breed of dog!
                        • Hello! I joined just so I could share some information.
                          'Oorang' is not a 'breed' of Airedales. The owner of a football team, the Oorang Indians, raised Airedales as a means of financially supporting the team. His foundation stud was named 'King Oorang.' King Oorang himself was a standard sized Airedale, but many of his progeny were larger. Some people use the term 'Oorang' to refer to the larger type of Airedales even if their dogs are not from the actual Oorang line, but, used in this sense, it is a marketing 'Royal' when referring to larger Standard Poodles, 'teacup' in referring to smaller Toy Poodles, or 'Wizard' when referring to larger Dobermans.
                          That said, we just lost our second Airedale in September. According to his pedigree, he was a descendant of the Oorang line. We got him from Ouachita Kennels, which coined the term 'Mountain Bred' to describe the larger Airedales. After 50 years, they stopped breeding dogs, so we are beginning our search for our third Airedale.
                          Enjoy your 'dales. They're with us much too briefly, but they do pack a lot of living into their short time here!
  • Lost my oorang Rusty last year at 13 years of age. He was always around 110 give or take a pound or two. Smart as a whip and funnier than a crutch. Rusty was a rescue dog from airedales northwest back when he was just 2 years old. Very patient with my nieces and nephews...loved everyone, almost. He routinely scared the hell out of the UPS man. He and I both prefered the bear look most of the time, but did trim him short for the summer. Miss him dearly and am now looking for another of his ilk.

  • Hi , I joined so I could post this message, I have two Oorangs, Emily is 5 and Maynard is 17 months. Emily weighs 100 lbs. and Maynard weighs 105. I got them both from Brenda and Kenny's Oorang kennel in Wa. My two dogs stop traffic when we walk them. People slow down and stare. I take them to Petsmart and people take their pictures with cell phones. These dogs are smart and well behaved. Airedale's are our breed. I always want to have one or more with me at all times.
    • I too have an Oorang from Brenda's place in Washington. Yukon just turned 4 months old and is an amazing pup. He weighed in at 30.5 lbs. a week and a half ago, I think it would be safe to say he is coming up on 35 now. I hear "look at the size of those paws" about 5 times a day, more if we are in a more populated area.

      I had an Oorang named Klyde until I was nine and loved him like a brother... but while he was sweet and playful and of course very smart, he was also extremely protective and had some dog aggression problems as well as a hatred for anybody in uniform (UPS, USPS in particular).

      With Yukon, I am making a very strong point to socialize the hell out of him. We go to the dog park daily and he will be starting beginning obedience next week. I also have a 1.5 year old kitten who is teaching him boundaries as well... however, I'm curious as to whether his respect for her will bleed into his relationships with other cats. I sure hope so.

      I'm glad I find this post to hopefully be able to share the joy it is being the momma of an Oorang.
  • I just lost my beautiful Beau at 14 1/2 years. He was a gorgeous Oorang and the smartest dog I've ever known. I'm lost and devastated. He was my heart and soul and I'm having trouble getting over my loss. I may be moving so can't even think about another puppy until I get relocated so each day is hard. I so miss his comic personality and unconditional love. He was devoted to me and never far from my side. The day I saw he was suffering I instantly had him put to sleep in my arms...the hardest thing I have ever had to do.
  • I have Hannah, an eight year old Oorang. Her registered name is 'Helpful Hannah Honeybear". She always wants to help with anything we do and is as sweet and lovable a dog as we could hope for. I love the way she groans when I scratch behind her ears and she brightens my day with her goofy expressions and actions. She learns fast. Took 3 times to get her to bring us her dish when it is empty, and if the dishwasher is open she will even drop her dish inside. Both my wife and I have learned to spell 'walk' when we want to go without the dog (which isn't very often) and spell 'ride' if we can't take Hannah along. What a great breed of dog!
  • Bob
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    I just joined, and found this post. I too have Oorang Airedales from Brenda and Kenny Smith. Max is about 100 lbs, and Skye was one of his breeding males up there, When he needed to retire Kenny called us and we took him immediately. Skye is loving his retired life and has the rule of the roost along with Max, two pugs, and two cats. He loves to be in the house now, and has adjusted very well. When we brought him home, he started to raise his leg in the house one time. I scolded him and said no..he has not ever done it again and always askes to go outside. Talk about a smart dog. Max and Skye are the 4th and 5th airedales that I have lived with in my adult life. If you would like to see pictures of them you can check them out on and search for Skye King from Yakima, or Maximus from Yakima.

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